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dundee graffiti jam - for the best part of 14 years we have been running scotlands longest running annual graffiti / aerosol / street art jam. around 30 to 60 artists come to dundee from all over the UK and as far as USA and New Zealand to apply their skills onto some of the cities walls


Our event started in 2005 when the original organisers were granted permission to transform walls in a public space in an area which wasn't very appealing until it received a bright overhaul of its surfaces. Every year since we have come back to do it and the local people have embraced it and regularly visit the site to see the ever evolving artworks.


It is becoming more and more popular each year.  2 out of the past 3 years we have expanded off the traditional site when a local free music festival asked us if we'd like to bolt on to their event. That was much more high profile than normal and the feedback from the local community was an overwhelming success. We could finally accommodate more artists however the sites hoarding boards are suffering from massive wear and tear so we are back to the original site, DPM park, dundee.


I have personally been organising the event myself since 2009 with some help from a few friends and members of the local council. We keep it going for the love of the scene and its people and also the audiences. In all my time as an aerosol artist I've never heard anyone say they don't like what we do and id like the chance to bring in a wealth of talent to transform the same area where it all began. I'd like to give something back to the community which has shown an interest into what we do.